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  • Want to choose the air compressor, you must know these problems
  • 2017/10/12 Read the number:[2621]
  • Air compressors are widely used in chemical, petroleum, transportation, construction, navigation, mining and other fields, the output of the total output of more than 90% of the compressor. Air compressor a wide range of diverse types, small cars, tractors with air pumps, large mountains, mining with a large air compressor, the value of a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars.
    How to choose and purchase air compressor, not only related to how to use funds, but also with the future operation of the economy, reliability is directly linked. This article on the common sense of this issue made an introduction.
    General use of air compressor according to national standards, the exhaust pressure of 0.7MPa. If above or below this pressure, is a non-standard special air compressor.
    The basic criteria for selecting air compressors are economy, reliability and safety.
         First, should consider the level of exhaust pressure and the size of the displacement. General use of air compressor compressor exhaust pressure of 0.7MPa, the old standard is 0.8MPa. At present, there is an air compressor with an exhaust pressure of 0.5MPa, which is unreasonable from the point of view of use. Because the pressure margin is too small for the pneumatic tools, the gas distance can not be used.
    In addition, from the design point of view, this compressor design for a compression, pressure ratio is too large, easy to cause the exhaust temperature is too high, resulting in cylinder coke, leading to accidents. If the user is more than 0.8MPa compressor, generally to be specially manufactured, can not take a forced pressurization approach, so as to avoid accidents.
    Displacement is one of the main parameters of the air compressor, air compressor selection and the required amount of gas to match, and leave 10% margin. If the amount of gas and air compressor displacement is small, a pneumatic tool to start, will cause the air compressor discharge pressure greatly reduced, and can not drive pneumatic tools. Of course, the blind pursuit of large displacement is also wrong, because the greater the displacement of the compressor with the greater the motor, not only high prices, and waste of purchase funds, the use of energy will be wasted.
    In addition, the choice of exhaust emissions should also consider the peak dosage and the usual amount and trough use. If the amount of trough is large, and usually the amount and peak dosage is not large, foreign common approach is a smaller displacement of the air compressor in parallel to obtain a larger displacement, with the increase in gas consumption and one by one, so Not only for the power grid is good, but also save energy.
         The second is to consider the use of gas conditions and conditions. If the gas field is small (marine, vehicle), should be elected; if the gas field with long distance changes (more than 500 meters), you should consider the mobile; if the use of occasions can not be powered, you should choose the diesel engine ; If the use of occasions without water, you must choose air-cooled.
    In the air-cooled, water-cooled two cooling methods, users often have the wrong understanding that water is good, it is not true. Domestic and foreign small compressor air-cooled about 90% or more, this is because the design of the air-cooled, easy to use when the water.
    The water-cooled compressor fatal shortcomings of four:
    Must have a complete up and down the water system, large investment;
    Water-cooled cooler life is short;
    In the northern winter is also easy to freeze the cylinder;
    In the normal operation will waste a lot of water.
          The third is to consider the compressed air quality. General air compressor produced by the compressed air contains a certain amount of lubricating oil, and a certain amount of water, some occasions are oil and water, then not only the compressor selection should pay attention to, if necessary, to increase the ancillary device.
    Solution: First, the choice of non-lubricating compressor. This compressor cylinder is substantially free of oil, and its piston rings and packing are generally polytetrafluoroethylene. But this machine also has shortcomings, poor lubrication, high failure rate; polytetrafluoroethylene is also a harmful substance, food, pharmaceutical industry can not be used; no lubrication compressor can only do gas without oil, can not do without water.
    The second is also commonly used method, is the air compressor (whichever) plus one or two purification device or dryer. This device can make the compressor air is neither oil nor water, so that the compressed air in the oil content of 5ppm or less, to meet the technological requirements.
          Four is to consider the safety of the compressor operation. The air compressor is a press working machine, working with temperature and pressure, the safety of its operation to be in the first place. The state of the compressor production to implement a standardized "two card" system, that is, compressor production license and pressure vessel production license (gas tank). Therefore, in the purchase of compressor products, we must strictly examine the "two cards." Usually there are manufacturers of product quality assurance system is perfect, there will not be a big quality problems, even if there are some problems, will be responsible for the three packs of manufacturers.
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