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  • Air compressor cooler will be blocked, you know?
  • 2017/10/12 Read the number:[2701]
  • Air compressor cooler, screw compressor is a very important component, the main role is to air compressor lubricating oil and compressed air cooling. If the plug is blocked, then the temperature will rise. Air compressor machine is a large part of the cause of high temperature is due to the cause of the cooler blockage.
    What causes the air compressor cooler to block it?
    Dust is the most common cause of air compressor chiller clogging. Usually a long time to use, the daily air compressor cooler no dust blowing, cleaning. On the other hand is the air compressor operating environment around the dust.
    The use of air compressor station environment is not good, did not do a good job of protection. Such as silk thread in the textile industry, wood chips from furniture factories, iron filings from steel mills, etc., which float in ambient air and stick to the cooler, causing clogging.
    Some users because of the small pet, buy a poor air compressor lubricants use; or air compressor long-term operation in a high temperature state, the cooler will form the internal carbon deposition, causing clogging. So that the amount of lubricating oil flowing through the radiator is reduced, resulting in deterioration of the heat dissipation effect.
    Cause air compressor cooler blockage of the main reasons are more than three, to remind you: to prevent the air compressor cooler blockage to ensure the normal operation of air compressor to improve production efficiency. When building air compressor station should try to stay away from pollution sources, and do a good job protection. At the same time also need the user daily air compressor cleaning care, timely maintenance work, encounter fault problems to find professional after-sales staff to deal with.
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