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  • What causes the air compressor to have water
  • 2017/10/12 Read the number:[2584]
  • Many industries on the air compressor compressed air requirements need to be anhydrous, but the air compressor often there will be a phenomenon of water, air compressor caused by the reasons for what?

    1, because the air is always water, the so-called humidity, compression will become supersaturated after the state, the water in the air, into a liquid. The moisture content in the compressed air is related to the humidity of the air. If the environment in the engine room is too wet, the water content in the air will exceed the standard.

    2, the air compressor itself comes with automatic drainage of the drain or the automatic drain of the tank is blocked.

    3, did not install the appropriate dryer or no normal work after installation (drying equipment failure, no timely detection and treatment), the final air compressor compressed gas is not timely treatment, resulting in the exclusion still contains a lot of water, Can not meet the normal use requirements.

    4, the rear measures are not sufficient, in the compressor gas quality requirements of the production process is very strict, there will be precision filters and other facilities, the gas for the second action, further purification, until the production requirements.

    In order to ensure that the gas quality to meet the production process, when your air compressor appears when the water situation, you can according to the above situation in a timely manner to troubleshoot the cause, identify the fault, take remedial measures.

    Air compressor does not drain

    Some customers asked: "My air compressor two months without water, what will be the impact?

    Do not let the water, will lead to increased water content in compressed air, affecting the quality of gas, the back of the gas equipment have an impact; oil and gas separation effect is worse, oil and gas separator pressure becomes larger, but also cause corrosion of parts.

    How did water come from?

    When the air compressor is working, the internal temperature of the head is very high, and the moisture in the natural air sucked in will form water vapor during the operation of the air compressor. The gas tank can not only provide compressed air to a buffer and storage space, but also decompression cooling. When the compressed air through the tank, the high-speed air strikes the tank wall to produce confluence, in the gas tank to the rapid decline in temperature, so that a lot of water vapor liquefaction, the formation of condensate. If you catch wet weather or winter, but also the formation of more condensate.

    What is the general drainage?

    According to the specific use of the environment and the use of conditions to adjust the regular discharge of condensate or the installation of automatic drainage. Mainly to see the humidity inhaled air and air compressor outlet temperature.

    Automatic drainage device introduction

    The automatic drain is used to automatically remove the condensate from the lower pipe, the oil-water separator, the gas tank and the bottom of the various filters. Can be installed in the inconvenient place for artificial sewage, such as high, low, narrow place. And to prevent the artificial drainage is forgotten and cause the compressed air to be re-polluted by condensate.

    Automatic drainage works

    Automatic drainage inside there is an air bottle <equivalent to a balloon>, no water state, under the action of air pressure, the air bottle to block the outlet.

    After the water is accumulated in the drain, after a certain water level is reached, the buoyancy is greater than the air pressure, the air bottle is floated, the drain is opened, the water is discharged under the action of air pressure, and the buoyancy is reduced and the air bottle is lowered to block the drain.

    Electronic and physical automatic drainage

    Automatic drainage device has electronic and physical, electronic drain principle is: the electromagnetic valve on and off, you can set the above switch to adjust the time and cycle of automatic drainage.

    The physical drain is the buoyancy of the buoy in the drain to open the drain. The level of the drain in the drain, the buoy rises and the valve opens automatically.

    Automatic drainage installation steps

    The first step: before you start the installation should do is to clean the compressed air system, this step is ready for the back of our installation is a great help.

    Step 2: When you install the time should pay attention to the machine on the body of the arrow above the specific point, as well as the outlet do not use the impact of the hose to connect the hose, do not let you start when you start the installation of a period of time After you will find your water row does not go out, this time should be the hose out of the.

    Step 3: Note that the size of the voltage that you access to the automatic drain should be the same as the rated voltage on the automatic drain, but it can not be too low or too high. If you use DC, then you must access the positive pole with the automatic drain on the connector "1" connection.

    Step 4: If it is the factory when the drainage valve has been connected, then we should understand that the automatic drain at this time on the brown wire for the fire line L, the wire is zero line N, yellow and green color Is required to complete the installation of the ground after the connection to GND.

    Step 5: In order to prevent the long screw on the junction box into the water burned, we must have to tighten the long screw. Here to the point of automatic drainage installation tips, the installation of the power must be off state, there is compressed air to ensure that the full emptying at this time automatic drainage is zero pressure state.

    Editor Summary: In fact, automatic drainage device installation method is not particularly complex, mainly before the installation to understand some of the installation of common sense, know these little common sense, I believe that the installation of automatic drainage is no longer so difficult.

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