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  • How to extend the service life of air compressor
  • 2017/10/12 Read the number:[2530]

    Air compressor expensive, how to maintain maintenance, to extend the service life of air compressor has become the focus of the majority of users concerned. The use of screw air compressor is very long, usually more than 10 years, but if you do not pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, the unit will be a variety of fault problems, not only will affect the performance, but also affect its life. Therefore, for the majority of users to sum up: how to extend the life of air compressor.

    How to extend the service life of air compressor

    Routine maintenance: air compressor daily maintenance is a must. Air compressor is a mechanical equipment, complex structure and powerful, once the failure of the problem failed to find a solution, it may lead to more serious consequences.

    Regular maintenance: routine maintenance can prevent in the past, after a period of time to do regular maintenance is essential. Regularly check and replace parts, you can ensure that the air compressor to the best state of operation. Do the maintenance and maintenance of the filter, timely cleaning or replacement of the filter, to avoid the occurrence of a lot of equipment failure, give full play to the performance of compressed and extended air compressor service life.

    Use of the environment: the use of air compressor ambient temperature should be maintained at 5-40 ℃, can not be placed in unshielded places, can not be high humidity, storage of flammable and explosive liquid gas, multi-volatile gas sites work. At the same time should also keep the environment clean, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

    Regular discharge: After a period of use, the accumulation of a certain amount of condensate in the tank, so the need for regular discharge of condensate. Also in the air compressor is not used, should let go of the air inside the tank, and stored in a dry environment.

    Good habits: to develop a good use of air compressor habits, when the air compressor downtime is not used, the power should be cut off in time; when the air compressor failure, do not blindly operate, looking for professional maintenance personnel or professional Under the guidance of the operation, before the operation to disconnect the power supply, the crew fully cooled.

    Do you know how to extend the life of the air compressor? Air compressor is now one of the major manufacturing machinery manufacturing equipment, good maintenance, regular maintenance, develop good habits, not only can guarantee the performance of air compressor, but also can reduce the occurrence of failure, the air compressor " Longevity ".


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