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  • Air compressor boot on the trip is how is it?
  • 2017/10/12 Read the number:[2485]
  • Air compressor is the basic product of industrial modernization, is the compressed air manufacturing device, is the pneumatic system of the core equipment. It is the motor's mechanical energy into gas pressure energy device, air compressor normal work can not do without electricity, if the air compressor start on the trip, can not run normally, will give users a huge loss. Air compressor boot on what is the reason? How should deal with it?
    First to determine whether the trip refers to the overload protector or the power supply circuit in the air switch to jump.
    If it is the air switch to jump, first determine the size of the air switch is how much to determine whether the machine can bear the load, conversion is overloaded as follows: 20A air switch, the machine power is 6kw, 6000W / 220V = 27A, the choice of air switch Small, need to change the air switch.
    If the specifications of the air switch is sufficient, it may be that the motor is faulty or the phase fault is short-circuited. It is necessary to check the line of the machine to judge whether there is a short circuit.
    The other may be the machine leakage, the current market, some air switch is with leakage protection switch, such as the live parts of the machine insulation layer damage will lead to leakage current becomes larger, once the leakage current greater than 30MA air switch will jump The If this is the case, you need to use professional equipment to detect which electrical component voltage, but one by one to check to confirm the replacement.
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