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  • How to improve the efficiency of air compressor operation!
  • 2017/10/12 Read the number:[2501]
  • 1. Always check whether there is no debris or conductor in the motor, whether the coil is damaged or not.
    2. Check whether the air compressor vibration, foot screw loosening.
    3. Check the air compressor pressure regulator or load regulator, safety valve is sensitive.
    4. Note the air compressor and post-processing equipment, environmental hygiene.
    5. Carefully check the cylinder at all levels and movement of the action sound, according to "listen" to identify the work is normal, if found abnormal, immediately stop inspection.
    6. Note that the pressure gauge at all levels of the pressure gauge, the tank and the cooler and the indication value of the lubricating oil pressure gauge are within the specified range.
    7. Check the oil level of the oil sump and the oil in the oiler is below the tick line, if refueling in time.
    8. Check the fuselage crankcase cross rails at the suction exhaust valve cover, etc. the temperature is normal.
    9. Note the temperature rise of the motor, the bearing temperature and the voltmeter, the ammeter indicates that the condition is normal and the current must not exceed the rated current of the motor. If it exceeds, check the cause or stop check.
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