Visual Artist

Opening at the Kemper for CSF Visual Arts Award Exhibition 


2016 Charlotte Street Visual Arts Award Winners!!!


"I'll Admit I'm Popular, Amongst the Ivy and the Ferns" on view at Night Blooms

"Little Fern, Don't Be Shy. We All Live, Love & Die"

Saffron and ink on paper



'Flora Veil of the Mulberry Moth" at Garcia Squared Contemporary


"Reach for My Grave"


"Selfish Lover, Never Wrote Loving Letters"

"A Poke Ghost and the Garden of Tearz" 

Opening at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, May 28th

"Ella Approaches"

Coffee, and ink on paper


"Milky Milky Cac-tits"

Coffee, walnut, cochineal, and ink on paper



"Thank You For Your Love (Buckeye of Hearts)''

Mixed Media


Artist to Watch, KC Studio Magazine

Here is an artist that local artist and writer Neil Thrun wrote for KC Studio Magazine. A big thanks to him and Alice Thorson for reaching out and allowing me to share part of my story. 

featured image:

"Who's Are These?"

Poke berries, cochineal, coffee, ink on paper


"I Don't See You Walking Children In Nature"

A duo show featuring new works by Jason Needham and myself. Opening reception will be at the Late Show Gallery from 6pm - 10pm; on Friday February the 6th. Please join us and lets get natural! 

"Where Are My Powers?"

Poke berries, cochineal, purple corn, gouache on paper


These Paths

The venture that has brought me here has been a liberating one. Allowing myself to work on various scales on paper and in the form an instillation. Objects/trinkets and small shrines accompany works on paper. From walnut shells, to bison teeth, to photos of Marsha P. Johnson. These objects offer a tactical reference to my own practice, process, life and interests . The works on old scrapbook paper and wallpaper combines cultural, spiritual and naturalistic ideas with a combination of my own Mexican background. Working with both synthetic paints, along with natural materials for pigment making like; coffee, cochineal, pokeberries, walnuts, purple corn, and various types of plants have lend into depicting spiritual and ceremonial moments and their ties to the earth and folklore. In a carefully displayed manner, the instillation offers different paths for the viewer to follow to interpret their own story, allowing each experience to be unique. 

"Maiz Morado"

Top:  "Of Gentle Blood"

Bottom:  "Crystal Castle"

Nu Werq

With Open Studios just a few weeks away, the work getting crazy. This newer work has taken a new form and direction. For myself, I certainly see a tremendous change. Cannot wait to share with extensive new body of work with you all. In the mean time, here is a taste at what you can expect to see.

More to read HERE on the Charlotte Street Blog!

top: "Cac-tits" 

coffee, ink, polk berries on paper

bottom: "Thank You For the Walnuts, Laura"

coffee, walnut ink, walnut, ink, on paper

Open Studios 2014

Mark your calendars, lots of new familiar faces and new ones too! 

Details about events, performances, times, places.. HERE.

Welcome to Tea Time

For the last couple of months I have embarked on a new journey exploring my love and admiration of zines. 
Tea Time is a small zine publisher that supports and contributes to Kansas City’s growing zine community by reaching out, connecting and publishing work by local artists. 
I hope to continue such projects and collaborations with other artist here in the near future. For more info on Tea Time and some of its pals, visit HERE!!!

The Bluest Aye Fall 2013 Issue

Check out The Bluest Aye, a new literary e-zine dedicated to publishing new perspectives in poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. Based in Kansas City, MO. Some of my art work and lots more HERE.

"Pull Me Up By The Roots of My Hair"

Ink, coffee, cochineal, pen, polk berries on paper



"R.I.P. Humans" at Lindquist Press

"Ella the orphaned deer that made Kansas City's historic Elmwood Cemetery her home to the delight of nearly everyone who visited, has become part of the places history herself."

This Friday November 1st come celebrate the joy of life and grace of death, with new works dedicated to Ella and her untold stories during this mystic creatures life/afterlife. New works painted with various berries, coffee, dirt, walnut ink etc on old foxed wallpaper tell stories of spiritual journeys, mourning, ceremonies and an exchange of energy to nature in our passing. Along with these new illustrative works there will be letterpress prints available at Lindquist Press, in collaboration with Eric Lindquist himself. More details regarding the show to come.

"Sunshine Oh Sunshine"

coffee, walnut and ink on paper


"There's only one person here, that's so weird.

... Feels like so many more" 

Please join me Thursday October 10th at the Kansas Union Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas from 5-pm as I exhibit a series of new work. This current body features new ideas and techniques, while still holding onto a familiar narrative that has been present in previous work. Old wallpaper acts as my canvas, polk and mulberries as my desired paint, and scorching the surface of paper as a form of mark making; are some of the new elements that I have implemented for this new collection. But one of the much more interesting aspects of "There's only one person here etc" is the unique way of display. I am treating this overall exhibit as an instillation. This idea stemmed from the direct influence that my studio practice has had on me within the last year and how I live/create within it. I will using the Kansas Union Gallery as a space to replicate the feel of my own studio, which is based here in Kansas City, MO. As with most artist, a good deal of our time is spent by one's self, coming up with ideas, working on projects, research etc. I want to provide this sense of a private space, such as my studio; being on display in a now open and public area. This will allow viewers to receive more of an insight of how it is I work, frame, reference and play with space. Since being given a studio residency from Charlotte Street Foundation my work has grown tremendously. I’ve been able to work on a larger scale, explore natural materials for pigment making, have studio visits with local artist, and collaborate with fellow residents.  As a result there has been a change in my practice that now has much more ease and experimental quality to it. Through playing with scale and a more minimalism approach I have joined and balanced concepts of dense and detailed moments, along with more simplistic and airy motifs. A play on the actual scale in which I am choosing to display now takes the viewer in an ongoing discovery of story that may lead them in different directions and paths as I pull and push the audience in and out with ornamental objects, reference pieces and the overall layout of work on paper. But as with my previous work, I focus on narrative, symbolism, and imagery. With illustrations based on self-created folklore, they expand and further build onto this lexicon of spirituality, mysticism, ceremony, the heavenly cosmos and our mother nature. Scenes of "cac’-tits" lactating and nourishing the Earth, crystal structures used for praying to the "Blackening Doe Ingénue" and other transference of spiritual energy await. As these new tales of a single being are explored and deciphered with so many more.   



Nu Werq 

"Antler Offering"

Ink, coffee, marker and polkberries on wallpaper

6.5 x 9 inches


"Cosmic Cactus"

Gouache, coffee, marker and polkberries on wallpaper

7 x 8 inches


Charlotte Street Foundation UCP Studio Residency 2013-2014

I am thrilled to say that Charlotte Street has given me a studio space for a second year!!! Its been great getting to meet and know my fellow residents, visiting artist and other wonderful folk. Looking forward to meeting the new residents as well and all thats to come. If you'd like meet this years new batch of residents, you can stop at La Esquina September 4th for a 'Slideshow Slam". At the Sideshow Slam you'll be able to see a three minute presentation of the returning and new artist, get to know them a little better. C'mon down! Link below with list of artist and other details. 

Charlotte Street 2013-2014 Studio Artist 

Look Ma, I'm an art star!

Aftrer months of planning and lots of self exploring, the time for my very first solo show is here. I've been given the opportunity to exhbiti 25 pieces for a two month show in the Garcia Squared Contemporary. With this new body of work I wanted to develope new ways of working with  technique, color, markmaking and and allowing the imagery to have a softness to it. The oepning will be on First Friday in June, in my home town of Kansas City, MO. I've worked closely with Israel Garcia who is a long time friend, fellow artist and supporter. Please visit back for more info and updates regarding the show and new projects. Thank you very much. 


For immediate release

Rodolfo Marron III:, 816.533.5985

Contact: Jen Vogrin, Marketing & Community Relations Manager

816.994.7734 |

*print quality images available

Full Information:

Studio Residency blog:

Charlotte Street Foundation presents


Showcasing the work of the 2012-2013 Charlotte Street Studio Residents

<< FEATURING THE WORK OF Rodolfo Marron III, at Town Pavilion>>

                 DATES:                                                                                             OPEN STUDIO WEEKEND VENUES:

                  Friday, March 8, 6-9pm                                  Studios at Partnership Place / 906 Grand, 13th Floor

                  Saturday, March 9, NOON-3pm                        Studios at Town Pavilion  / 1100 Walnut, 6th Floor

                                                                                                                            Paragraph Gallery / 23 East 12th St.

Charlotte Street Foundation is excited to announce the Spring 2013 Open Studios Weekend, showcasing the work of the artists in its 2012-2013 Urban Culture Project Studio Residency Program for Visual and Performing artists.

Highlighting the work of 21 visual artists and 8 performing artists/ensembles awarded free studios for year-long terms, this two-day event includes open studios by all visual artist residents as well as live music, dance, comedy improv, and cross-disciplinary performances, special sales, temporary installations, participatory activities, artist talks, and more. All events are free and open to the public.

Raised in Kansas City, MO, the west has always called back and whispered to Rodolfo Marron III. Fascinated by Native American culture and Mexican folklore, the southwest has inspired this artist time and time again. His illustrations glimpse into something very frail and personal. Reflecting on this relationship, in an attempt to find his spirituality, through his art. A new collection is in the making, exploring and looking into the Native American Church (NAC). Rodolfo’s current body explores the use of Peyote to achieve a higher spiritual enlightenment and the roots of Peyotism in Mexico from the Huichols. In his studio you can expect to see some of these narratives, along with an alter tying into the NAC and its ceremonies involving the divine cactus.


Download an Open Studios Program at including a full event and activity schedule, maps, and brief descriptions of each artists’ studio. Visitors may also pick up copies of the program at Paragraph Gallery, which will be open throughout Open Studios hours. Signage outside each Studio Residency venue and volunteers posted at entrances will direct visitors to each of the spaces and up to the studios.

Visit the Studio Residency blog at for a more in-depth look at the Studio Residents’ current work.


PARTNERSHIP PLACE / 906 Grand, 13th floor, KCMO

Visual Artists: Ben Harle, Calder Kamin, Christopher Deharsh, Emily Connell, Jacob Banholzer, Katy McRoberts, and Will Preman

TOWN PAVILION / 1100 Walnut, 6th floor, KCMO

Visual Artists: Elizabeth Allen-Cannon, Lindsay Deifik, Eric Dobbins, Luke Firle, Amy Fredman, Madeline Gallucci, Rachel Gregor, Rachel Helm, Robert Howsare, Molly Kaderka, Skye Livingston, Rodolfo Marron, Will Preman, Maegan Stracy, and Jennifer Williams.
Performing artists:  Miles Bonny, Gamelan Genta Kasturi, Lisa Cordes, Tom Kessler, Juliette Everhart and collaborators (LSR and Big in Japan), Black House Collective, Marisa MacKay-Smith, Kacico Dance, and Erin Muenks.


Charlotte Street March 2013 Open Studios SCHEDULE

Schedule as of 2/14/13, final schedule will be posted at


The Charlotte Street Foundation Studio Residency Program awards free studios to outstanding emerging and mid-career artists of all disciplines for year-long terms. Located in previously vacant floors of downtown office buildings, the studios currently support 21 visual and 8 performing artists/ensembles, selected annually through a highly competitive process by rotating selection panels of leading artists and arts professionals.  In addition to providing space in which to create, the program fosters peer networks and collaboration among the studio resident artists; increases exposure for their work through open studios, exhibitions, performances and related programming; and provides mentorship and career development support. For more about the Studio Residency Program and artists, visit


For more than 15 years, Charlotte Street has challenged, nurtured, and empowered thousands of artists, distributed over $775,000 in awards and grants to artists and their projects, and connected individual artists to each other and to the greater Kansas City community. Charlotte Street – with its community of artists – strives to be a primary catalyst in making Kansas City a vibrant, creative metropolis, alive with collaboration, passion, ideas, and surprise. For more information about Charlotte Street, its awards, programs, and initiatives, visit